Bachelors in Liberal Arts and Sciences (BLAS)

Bachelors in Liberal Arts and Sciences (BLAS)

About BLAS

BLAS at WhiteHouse CMT is a four- years’ degree (eight semesters) that is built around our expertise in personal and professional development. This 120 credit hours course is an excellent opportunity for achievers to broaden their horizon about a wide range of subjects such as culture, literature, communication, political science and development. The program aims at developing socialized professionals capable of taking up challenges in the world of media and development as students chose a major (specilization) subject in the 5th Semester. BLAS is  a wholesome course that aspires to developing wholesome individuals who are adept in putting things happening around us into perspective. BLAS provides its graduates an edge over others in terms of its scope for an array of course that can be taken up for further studies at Masters’ level. We feel proud of being the pioneer institution in introducing a degree for ambitious students that is one of its kinds in the country. 


The total duration of BLAS is 4 years or 8 semesters. The contribution of in-semester and semester-end Assessments in the aggregate evaluation is in the ratio of 20:80 by weightage.


A minimum of 2.00 CGPA or 45% in +2. Students will then have to appear for the WhiteHouse CMT Graduate Admissions Test (WGAT).


Students should secure a minimum of 2.00 CGPA at the end of the course. The maximum period allowed for the completion of the course is 14 semesters.


The total fee for the program for 4 years is Rs. 399,000, inclusive of University charges and examination fees.

Semester 1 Credit Hours-15
ENG 211 Communicative English 
MGT 212 Principles of Management
MED 213 Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication
ENV  214 Natural Resource Management 
ECO 215  Microeconomics
Semester 2 Credit Hours-15
ENG 221 History of English Literatur
SAL: 222 South Asian Language/Literature 
SAL 222.1 Nepali Literature/ SAL222.2 Hindi Literature
SAL 222.3  Urdu Literature/ SAL 222.4 Bengali Literature
COM 223 Computer Applications
ECO 224  Macroeconomics 
SOC 225   Introduction to Sociology 
Semester 3 Credit Hours-15
POP 231 Introduction to Population Studies 
Q A 232 Fundamentals of Statistics 
PSY 233 Introduction to Psychology 
POL 234 Introduction to Political 
SOW235 Introduction to Social Work 
Semester 4 Credit Hours-15
ENG 241  Prose and 
NSC 242 Nepalese Society and Culture 
ARH 243 Archaeological Anthropology 
POL 244 Conflict Management and Peace 
GEN 245 Gender Studies 
Semester 5 Credit Hours-15
HRM 251 Human Resource Management 
NSC 252 Dynamics of Nepalese History
POL 244 Public Administration and Policy
POL 245 UN Systems and Human Rights 
Focus Area Course I one course
MED 301 Mass Media: History and Legal Aspects 
DEV 301 Economic Development and Planning 
Semester 6 Credit Hours-15
ENG 261 Drama and Poetry
SRM 262 Social Science Research Methods
POL 263 Civil Society and Governance
Focus Area Course II one course
MED 302 Mass Media: History and Legal Aspects 
DEV 302 Economic Development and Planning 
Focus Area Course III one course
MED 303 Mass Media: History and Legal Aspects 
DEV 303 Economic Development and Planning 

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