Executive MBA (EMBA)

Executive MBA (EMBA)

The EMBA program has higher inclination in the integration of operational functionalism of various business organizations and it requires an extensive sharing of cases from various organizations where the participating graduates are pursuing their professional careers.



The EMBA program has following specific objectives:

  • Update the upgrade in knowledge and skill of it's graduate by providing up-to-date tools and techniques of various areas of management.
  • Provide opportunities to learn through sharing of experience between the EMBA participants so as to enhance their managerial leadership and decision-making ability.

EMBA Curriculum

The EMBA program comprises a total of 22 courses. Of the 22 courses, students are required to take 18 courses from foundation, analytical tool, core and functional area (54 credits), 4 specialization courses (12 credits), and a thesis work of 3 credits at the end of the completion of the course work in 4th semester.

Semester I Credit Hours-18
501 Business Management
502 Microeconomics Analysis
503 Business Statistics
504 Management Accounting
505 Human Resources Management
506 Managerial Communications
Semester II Credit Hours-18
601 Macroeconomics Analysis
602 Quantitative Techniques
603 Organizational Psychology
604 Marketing Management
605 Corporate Financial Management
606 Research Methodology
Semester III Credit Hours-18
701 Legal Framework of Business
702 Management Information System
703 Strategic Management
704 Production and Operation Management
Specialization in Finance
704.1 Management of Financial Institutions and Markets (SP-I)
706.1 Intermediate Financing and Working Capital Management (SP-II)
Specialization in Marketing
705.1 Consumer Behaviour (SP-I)
706.1 Strategic Brand Management (SP-II)
Semester IV Credit Hourse-15
801 International Business
802 Total Quality Management
Specialization in Finance
803.1 Investment Management and Analysis (SP-III)
804.1 Capital Structure Management (SP-IV)
Specialization in Marketing
803.1 Service Marketing Strategies (SP-III)
804.1 Promotions Management (SP-IV)

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