Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

About MBA

The MBA program at WhiteHouse CMT is affiliated to Purbanchal University. The minimum duration of the program is 24 months spread over 4 semesters. For successful completion of the degree, a student is required to earn 69 credit hours by successfully completing 26 courses. The program is directed at preparing professional managers for business and non-business sectors. The focus of the program is on developing managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities of students through curricular and co-curricular activities. MBA at WhiteHouse is a two-year, full-time program with a focus on real-world problems and practices. The program puts students into the role of decision makers every day, and in the field with student teams developing new products or services for real global business partners. Some students have proven the practicality of the MBA program by starting their own microbusinesses.

  The MBA program specifically aims to:

  • Prepare managers for business and non- business sectors by developing their professionalism.
  • Develop entrepreneurs capable of evaluation risks and taking challenges in the emerging global business environment.
  • Inculcate knowledge, skill, and attitude in students so that they become result oriented and socially responsive professionals with a scientific approach.


The total duration of MBA is 2 years or 4 semesters. The contribution of in-semester and semester-end Assessments in the aggregate evaluation is in the ratio of 40:60 by weightage.


A minimum of 2.00 CGPA or 45% in Bachelors. Students will then have to appear for the WhiteHouseGSM Graduate Admissions Test (WGAT).


Students should secure a minimum of 2.00 CGPA at the end of the course.


The total fee for the program for 2 years is Rs. 458,250 inclusive of University charges and examination fees




MBA Curriculum

Semester I Credit Hours-17
Quantitative skills for Business studies 2
Managerial Communications 2
Business Economics 2
Legal Environment of Business 2
Organizational Behavior and Leadership skill 3
Marketing for Managers 3
Financial Accounting 3
Semester II Credit Hours-19
Managerial Accounting 3
Managerial Economics and Decision Making 3
Financial Management and Analysis 3
Operations Management 3
Human Resource Management 3
Business Research 2
Seminar Series 1 2
Semester III Credit Hours-15
Management Information System and e-Commerce 3
Organization Change and Design 2
Entrepreneurship 2
Seminar Series II 2
Specialization (any two from I, II & III) 6
Semester IV Credit Hours-18
Strategic Management 3
International Business 2
Specialization (any two from IV, V & VI) 6
Specialization Seminar 2
Internship/Thesis 5
Finance 14 Credit Hours
Specializaton I Financial Theory and Corporate Policy
Specializaton II Capital Structure Management
Specializaton III Security Analysis and Investment Management
Specializaton IV International Financial Management
Specializaton V Financial Derivatives and Engineering
Specializaton VI Management of Financial Institution
Specializaton Seminar Seminar on Finance
Marketing 14 Credit Hours
Specializaton I Consumer Behavior
Specializaton II Marketing Research
Specializaton III Planning and Managing Retail Business
Specializaton IV Sales and Distribution Management
Specializaton V Services and Industrial Marketing
Specializaton VI Advertising Management
Specializaton Seminar Seminar on Marketing
Human Resource Management 14 Credit Hours
Specializaton I Human Resource Planning and Development
Specializaton II Industrial Labour and Managerial Relations
Specializaton III Compensation Management
Specializaton IV Industrial and Labour Legislation
Specializaton V Performance Management: Systems and strategies
Specializaton VI Labour Laws
Specializaton Seminar Seminar on HRM
Production and Supply Chain Management (P&SCM) 14 Credit Hours
Specializaton I Purchasing and Material Management
Specializaton II Production Planning and Control
Specializaton III Designing and Managing the Supply Chain
Specializaton IV Global Logistics and Information Technology
Specializaton V Facility Location Management
Specializaton VI Network Design
Specializaton Seminar Seminar on P&SCM
International Business 14 Credit Hours
Specializaton I International Business Environment
Specializaton II Export Import Management
Specializaton III Intellectual Property Rights
Specializaton IV International Marketing
Specializaton V International Financial Management
Specializaton VI Strategies of Multinational Companies
Specializaton Seminar Seminar on HRM

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